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There are many things to consider here, and I urge you to get in touch with the negative cutter you plan to use on this project. He or she will be able to answer your questions as they arise.

Firstly, you will need to make sure to leave at least one frame for splicing at the head of every shot in your sequence. Also, if you are using the same shot more than once in your FCP timeline, there only exists one physical version of this shot in your negative. In order to use it twice in your print, a second copy will need to be made in negative. Ask the lab you will be using about this, they should be able to give a full explanation of the variables involved.

Likewise, did you get a window-burn of your edge code numbers with your telecine? Was your telecine done SD (29.97 fps for NTSC, 25 fps for PAL)? Without the edge code numbers from the negative linked to each video frame (such as with a window burn), there will likely be an added degree of difficulty in matching the negative to your video edit.

Also, do you have a soundtrack? If so, you will likely encounter synch issues, depending on how it was generated. The significance of these issues will vary widely depending on the nature of the soundtrack and how it is transfered to 16mm optical.

-Jason Halprin

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Hello all,

Newbie here. I have a telecined 16mm film to edit (on DVCAM using
      FCP) before printing back to 16mm. I understand the EDL process in
      principle but I'm just wondering if there are particular practical
      things I need to watch out for when printing back to film? 
I understand that I have to leave a frame for splicing if I use
      the same shot twice for example, but I'm really not more informed
      than that.

Any advice or references appreciated.

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