[Frameworks] Kodak filing for bankruptcy?

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Have you tried the orwo? I prefer the orwo stocks. Also fuji neopan is an
amazing stock and maybe now will start carrying it in the US. I agree that
7363 is a good stock but there are other options too. If anything we should
start pressuring fuji reps in ny and la to carry neopan...
On Sep 30, 2011 9:55 PM, "40 Frames" <info at 40frames.org> wrote:
> True, other manufacturers make film... but nobody but Kodak makes 7363.
> ORWO may have something similar to 7302, but they have no HiCon stocks
> 7363.
> Alain
> On Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 8:31 PM, sef208 <sef208 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> The art form does not depend on one company. There are other companies
>> make motion picture.film and perhaps they will fill in the market.
>> products have been steadily getting worse anyway.
>> On Sep 30, 2011 6:27 PM, "Jason Halprin" <jihalprin at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> > Quoting: Fred Camper <f at fredcamper.com>
>> >
>> >
>> >>The article implies that the bankruptcy that Kodak is considering wold
>> >>allow it to continue to operate. I don't think liquidiation is in the
>> >>cards anytime soon.
>> >
>> > I concure. I have heard through the rumormill that the Motion Picture
>> division of Kodak has continued to remain profitable. Since all of the
>> equipment used to manufacture the actual film is an "older" technology,
>> wouldn't make much sense to liquidate it. The value would be little more
>> than the scrap value of its parts, so it would seem reasonable to keep it
>> operational, and therefore profitable. I wouldn't expect too much more
>> but as long as there is a Kodak company based in Rochester, I don't think
>> we'll see the disappearance of film. However, it also seems likely that
>> the plug is pulled on film stock, and more importantly, the commercial
>> manufacture of processing chemistry, it will be sudden.
>> >
>> > Then again, there's some companies down the chain (post-houses that
>> specialize in film scans, for one) that rely on film as a continued
>> medium might step up at that point to purchase some of the manufacturing
>> facilities and silver-halide related patents. If they could purchase
>> for pennies-on-the-dollar (as they might through a liquidation), they
>> then run these units at a very low profit, or even a slight loss, if only
>> keep the filmstock flowing as long as possible. I'm not holding my
>> on this scenario, but my fingers are crossed. As I write this I'm
>> just how difficult it would be to convince a lender to financially
support a
>> plan to vertically integrate a post-house into a declining industrial
>> >
>> > -Jason Halprin
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