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> http://www.forbes.com/sites/daviddisalvo/2011/10/02/what-i-saw-as-kodak-crumbled/
> Once again, the old guard clings to obsolete business models and is 
> ultimately swept away by inevitable shifts in technology. The party's 
> winding down, folks. CDs, newspapers, and now analog film are going 
> the way of the wax cylinder. The canary in the coal mine dropped dead 
> about ten years ago, now the roof is about to collapse.
> 35mm motion picture film will still keep hanging on for a few more 
> years, despite the fact that high-end digital cameras have now 
> surpassed the imaging quality of most 35mm film stocks. Anyone who is 
> unwilling to adapt to digital imaging had better start hoarding film 
> stock in their walk-in freezers. The day that HDR sensors become 
> affordable is the day that analog film unequivocably becomes more 
> trouble than it's worth. Sprocket holes seem increasingly quaint in a 
> world where exposure and depth of field can be entirely controlled in 
> *POST* with no loss of quality.
> I'm not a hater, I'm just pointing out a reality that may be painful 
> for many on this list. Don't look to Fuji to save you, they're 
> ultimately headed for the dumpster as well. Starting up another 
> Impossible Project is a noble idea, but from what I've seen, these 
> handmade stocks can't compete with the real deal.
> Aaron
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