[Frameworks] Brakhage articles; program of "eperimental" films at Yale

Fred Camper f at fredcamper.com
Tue Oct 4 13:05:51 CDT 2011

There is an online publication with a new issue that has many articles  
on Brakhage, including a new one of mine.  They publish in many  
languages, and most of the Brakhage articles are in French. The main  
page is http://www.lafuriaumana.it/index.php/home ; the Brakhage  
articles can be found at  
http://www.lafuriaumana.it/index.php/rapporto-confidenziale-joomla ;  
mine (in Enlgish, and in which I feel as if I've managed to say  
something about Brakhage I haven't said before) is at  

For those who will be in the vicinity of New Haven on October 8, I'm  
presenting a film program at Yale, free and open to the public:  

Fred Camper

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