[Frameworks] Kodak to license laser projection patents to Imax

Jeff Kreines jeffkreines at mindspring.com
Sun Oct 16 19:13:12 CDT 2011

A typically foolish Kodak move -- licensing patents that might be significant (in terms of digital projection) to a small company without deep pockets.  A larger company who manufactures digital projectors might have turned this into something significant for Kodak in terms of royalties -- think Sony, Christie, etc.  Of course Evans-Sutherland also has laser patents and projectors (mostly used for expensive simulation not cinema) so who knows if Kodak's patents are significant.

They are selling off the seed corn, as farmers say.  

When they hired a CEO from Hewlett-Packard (a real source of executive genius) whose expertise was in inkjet printers, who decides Kodak's future will be in cheaper-ink inkjet printers, that was the beginning of the end -- though the pattern goes back to the sixties.

So depressing to watch.

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