[Frameworks] London Film Festival: next weekend !

Mark Webber mark at markwebber.org.uk
Mon Oct 17 03:58:53 CDT 2011

the london film festival "experimenta weekend" is this week & full  
details are available on the renegade website at www.experimentaweekend.org

this site also includes a series of related articles including an  
unpublished interview with chick strand on MOSORI MONIKA, ben rivers  
captions TWO YEARS AT SEA production stills, pip chodorov on FREE  
RADICALS and bruce jenkins on robert fenz's THE SOLE OF THE FOOT. new  
articles will be posted daily over the next week.

the full programme is available here :-

book tickets in advance on the bfi website :-

all programmes are being repeated in the following weekdays. if  
advance tickets are sold out then there are usually last minute ticket  
releases or returns available on the door.

hope to see you there !


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