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Myron Ort zeno at sonic.net
Fri Oct 21 13:34:03 CDT 2011

The "frame" is a major issue in the history of painting and there are  
volumes written especially within the modernist and late modernist  
traditions.  It is interesting to me that this is coming up here, in  
that I see so little of total cinema, and also experimental cinema,  
informed (insightfully) by painting generally.
When it is, I am most interested.

Myron Ort

On Oct 21, 2011, at 10:28 AM, Chuck Kleinhans wrote:

> In some of his early writings Eisenstein argued for both "portrait"  
> and "landscape" mode in films (and editing that would allow for  
> both within the same work) and pointed out the possibilities of  
> circular framing of motion picture images.
> There are lots of examples of non-framed or differently framed  
> works in projection based art, especially with multiple or  
> overlapping projections; counter culture light shows (usually with  
> live music) did this back in the 1960s (and a nod to Jordan Belson,  
> RIP). I've seen Carolee Schneeman present Kitsch'e Last Meal as a  
> two-projector piece with the projectors mounted vertically rather  
> than the usual side-by side.
> Photography editors and visual designers often think and work in  
> terms of multiple and different sized/arranged images.  Even photo  
> blogs like Tumblr offer a (standardized, cookie cutter) choice of  
> grids for displaying a photo essay (or a gif essay for that  
> matter).  I haven't noticed anyone playing with that or designing  
> for it very creatively, but it's there as a possibility.
> Chuck Kleinhans
> On Oct 21, 2011, at 9:24 AM, Tom Whiteside wrote:
>> Rob’s brilliant question raises another point that has long  
>> interested me  – why don’t we make/look at circular images? Lenses  
>> have always created circular images, but early photography put  
>> square corners on images (cut into the circles) in order to, one  
>> thinks, mimic the conventions of canvas stretched over frames. Yes  
>> there are a few round paintings and other shapes (walls of caves  
>> for starters), but the long history of image making has been all  
>> about arranging images inside the corners.
>> -          Tom
>> What frame ratio do people think is best for a painting and should  
>> it be cropped later to fit the ready-made picture-frame?
>> Rob
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