[Frameworks] First person narrative

Pip Chodorov frameworks at re-voir.com
Fri Feb 24 17:15:46 CST 2012

Robert Nelson's "Bleu Shut" which references the clock in the corner 
of the screen, so the viewer will know how much time is left in case 
he or she is bored.

Christopher Maclaine's "The End" also addresses the viewer in the 
present tense.

But these two examples may be more 2nd person than 1st person because 
"you" is used more often than "I". Though in the Christan Metz sense, 
"I" is not the filmmaker speaking but the film itself.

Then of course there are Peter Rose's "Secondary Currents" and 
Michael Snow's "So Is This" in which the film is speaking in the 
first person present tense as an utterer of film-speech and there is 
no interior monologue but only direct monologue, even if these ramble 
and take tangents, etc.


At 15:03 -0800 24/02/12, Jim Flannery wrote:
>What characteristics might distinguish a *first person present tense*
>voice *NOT* to be an "interior monolog"? I mean to say, couldn't *any*
>of the first be interpreted as the second?

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