[Frameworks] Re-authored Imagery Culled from Commercial DVDs

Ken Paul Rosenthal kenpaulrosenthal at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 2 09:39:49 CST 2012

I would like to make a collage documentary consisting of very short, 3 to 5 second clips (possibly longer) relative to my theme, culled from pre-1960 Hollywood films. My question is two-fold: First, are there any intellectual property issues regarding image and sound, given the length of the clips? The project won't have a theatrical release, only film festivals and self-distribution. Secondly, what would be the best method for ripping these clips from a dvd of the original source film?Thanks, Kenwww.crookedbeautythefilm.com  (Academic)www.crookedbeauty.com  (Public)www.kenpaulrosenthal.com 		 	   		  
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