[Frameworks] Re-authored Imagery Culled from Commercial DVDs

Aaron F. Ross aaron at digitalartsguild.com
Mon Jan 2 14:56:23 CST 2012

Hi Ken,

I'm not going to touch the legal questions, but I will recommend some 
Windows software... if you're on the Mac, then I think your options 
would be quite limited.

Most DVD rippers simply remove the copy protection and clone the 
entire disc without changing the .VOB file structure. For that, I 
recommend DVD Decrypter, which is free. Clone the DVD to your hard 
drive first.

Once the encryption has been cracked, then use VideoReDo to extract 
the short clips you need. This is an inexpensive program designed to 
let you edit commercials out of MPEG streams. Using VideoReDo, you 
can extract a clip of arbitrary length directly to an MPEG-2 file, 
which exactly fills the need you described.

Of course, MPEG is a delivery format, not an editing format, so you 
may have mixed results trying to load MPEG clips into your video 
editing program of choice. It's possible that you may need to try 
several different editing applications to find one that works. 
Another option is to use yet another program to convert the MPEG to 
an editable container and codec, such as Quicktime Animation. You 
might be able to use Quicktime Pro Export for that. When I'm in a 
pinch I use a free video conversion program called "Super".

As you can see, it's not a straightforward process, and you have to 
do a fair amount of work to get around the restrictions, but it can be done.

Happy culture jamming,


At 1/2/2012, Ken Paul Rosenthal wrote:
>I would like to make a collage documentary consisting of very short, 
>3 to 5 second clips (possibly longer) relative to my theme, culled 
>from pre-1960 Hollywood films. My question is two-fold: First, are 
>there any intellectual property issues regarding image and sound, 
>given the length of the clips? The project won't have a theatrical 
>release, only film festivals and self-distribution. Secondly, what 
>would be the best method for ripping these clips from a dvd of the 
>original source film?
>Thanks, Ken
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>www.crookedbeauty.com  (Public)
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