[Frameworks] Filmo

David Tetzlaff djtet53 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 16:21:11 CST 2012

OK, I checked the 70DR for speed and it was right on within the limits of my test method. 

(I have some marked slug, and I roll 30 seconds off. I start and stop the shutter manually by watching the clock, so it's not exact. Then I check to see how much film went through the gate. I did it twice. Both times it came up 2 frames short of 30 seconds exactly at 24 fps. The speed setting on the Filmo, like most 16mm cameras is continuously variable - there are no click stops, so that 2 frames is well within the margin of error of me lining up the marks on the dial. Even a deviation of 10-20 framnes would only mean that the dial isn't very accurate - not necessarily a problem with the camera. Anyway, this came out as good as i could have hoped.)

I checked shipping. If I just send the camera and lenses I think it should be about $45 US. I do have a case for it though, and if you want that, the extra size and weight would put it at about $55 US. Since I'm not operating a business here, and it's not new, etc. etc., I'm not sure if/how a customs duty needs to be involved. I could say I'm sending it to you on loan, and that I'll be picking it back up when I travel to the UK later in the year, or something like that...

This auction listing shows what the case looks like: http://tinyurl.com/79ok4m2

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