[Frameworks] LED light kit for film shoots?

Steven Gladstone Steven at gladstonefilms.com
Fri Jan 6 09:04:15 CST 2012

I have a light panels 1 by 1. It is the older style, Daylight balanced.

There are several different kinds. Light panels also makes a version 
with the LEDs angled, this version is meant for studio lighting to get 
the lights right up against the ceiling and have the light not come 
straight down.

You can also get flood and spot versions.

The advantage of the 1 color lite panel, is that it can run off 12 
volts, so an old battery pack, or even a 12 volt power drill battery if 
you have an adapter.

Rosco makes a slightly different product - the light pad. It is very 
nice, although I find it about not bright enough by about a stop.

Note the light pad always appears a little green to my eye, and the 
light Panel a touch magenta.

You might also look at Smith Victor. They make a very nice Floro unit 
(2, 4 or 6 bulb configuration) Although not battery powered. I use the 4 
bulb unit, it pulls 220 watts, and is a bit punchy, but that isn't 
necessarily a bad thing. Oh it has a remote dimer - flicker free down to 
it's low light level 40% if I recall. Things is overbuilt and rugged, 
and seems to be the best of the low end floro units.

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