[Frameworks] caffenol processing with 16mm

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Hi Christine, the process I read about was coffee, vit C, AND washing soda,
I'm not opposed to using all 3 but I think washing soda may be hard to find
in southern california. Basically I want to shoot the hi-con and experiment
with degrading it during processing to give it some nice brakhage esque
texture; bubbles, scratches, i'd like to figure out a good technique for
solarizing, etc. any recommendations? also do you order your 7378  through
kodak directly,  if so what's your contact. Thanks!


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> The suggestion to use sodium carbonate (washing soda) is a good one. It's
> MUCH more economical than vitamin C as an activator, blends faster with
> coffee and therefore produces cleaner results on your film.
> I've processed a great deal of film (motion and still) with caffeinol (my
> most recent hi-con process was using expired, 12 year old 7378 from my
> freezer, and it worked beautifully). If you don't object to lengthier
> developing times, you can substitute the coffee in your caffeinol mix with
> anything containing caffeic acid...such as black/green tea or red wine
> (wine is obviously more expensive, but it's a great thing to try at least
> once. Just as with coffee, the cheaper the wine, the better the developer.)
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> Carrie,
> You can also get Arm & Hammer Washing Soda at most grocery stores in the
> US, usually near the laundry detergent.
> -Jason Halprin
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> REALLY? color? that's interesting will try that, do you remember your
> timing for the hi-con? also where did you get the washing soda?
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