[Frameworks] push processing advice needed

andrew lennox lew_ro at yahoo.ca
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hey charles,

are you processing it as a reversal or negative?  i think as a reversal the tri-x only has one stop of latitude on either side of the characteristic curve.  I think you will gain a little more latitude by processing negativc and then maybe pull a little more from an vid xfer of that neg.  try negative custom lab.  i think they will push it as much as you want.

good luck,


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Hi all. I have some b+w super8 that I need to push process. It was shot in really dark conditions, so I need to find a lab that will push it to its maximum. I don't care so much about cost. Most of the labs I've looked at do a 2-stop max. Does anyone know of any that do more? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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