[Frameworks] !6mm camera info resource

David Tetzlaff djtet53 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 12:29:58 CST 2012

I've updated my little 16mm resources webpage -- http://djt16.110mb.com/ -- with the addition of some camera manuals. These are (mostly) .pdfs made from my own scans of stuff not already freely available on the web AFAIK. 

Specifically, I have service manuals/diagrams for Bolex H16, Filmo 70, B+H 240, and Kodak K100, which I haven't seen anywhere else online.

The Bolex service manual is illegible in spots, having come from a bad photocopy. If anyone has better copies of the bad pages, or can parse the text from the traces there, please let me know so i can update the .pdf.

I also added links to other sites hosting manuals and/or containing valuable info.

If you have other manuals to contribute that are not already up on one of these sites, (or you have a better copy or can make a better quality scan) let me know off-list. Likewise if you suggestions for other links.

Finally, if there are any Russian speakers on the list who would be willing to take a crack at translating the manual for a Kiev 16mm (9 small pages - about 4" x 6" of Cyrillic text) please contact me!


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