[Frameworks] Moscow, type.

Serge Levchin lestimides at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 20:01:58 CST 2012

Hello FWers -
I wonder if someone on the list has (film-related) contacts in Moscow, RF -
I will be spending a few weeks there and would love to get a sense of what
the underground film scene - if any - might look like. so - if you think
you know someone who could be my virgil in that underworld - please contact
me off list. i speak russian.

entirely unrelated: i am looking for a titles designer, who likes to work
with experimental filmmakers. this is digital project, but - no fancy
knowledge of after effects is required (though it might help). a very good
sense of type and its relation to content is essential. NYC or Montreal
location ideal. paid project.

i'm not sure if this is the best place to look for such a person - if
anyone here has worked with a brilliant titles designers, please get in
touch. if anyone knows another list or forum where such people are to be
found - please tell me.

looking forward to all the wise responses.

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