[Frameworks] non-toxic film cleaner?

Tom Whiteside tom.whiteside at duke.edu
Tue Jan 17 13:36:36 CST 2012

I don't know about non-toxic. I have used both FilmRenew and VitaFilm with good results, wearing rubber gloves and using the liquid on clean cotton cloth between rewinds. I don't think they are super toxic, but you need decent ventilation and you do want to avoid contact with skin. Depending on the condition of the film you may need to run it through more than once.  Most of my retired t-shirts eventually end up cleaning film.

Shrunken or brittle film benefits from soaking in this stuff - put it in a metal can, pour the liquid over it and let it sit 24 hours, then drain the liquid off but leave the soaked film in a sealed can for a few months. Difficult to predict exactly how the film will react, I've had failure as well as success.

In general, cleaning film by hand takes a lot of time and patience.

-          Tom

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Any suggestions for cleaning old 16mm film?

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