[Frameworks] Kodak finally files for bankruptcy

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Hi Tim,

In this case, they'll all be shooting on film. Keeping my fingers crossed was a reference to the generosity that Kodak has shown towards student filmmakers in the past, and that it continues to be something we can look forward to. I don't see Cannon, Panasonic, 
Red, or other video manufacturers doing anywhere near as much to put 
state-of-the-art technology in the hands of budding cinema artists.


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That won't help the current situation--we need to encourage students and everyone else to buy as much film as they can right now, to reinforce the demand and promote the viability of shooting projects on film. 
Tell your students that instead of asking mommy and daddy for that new, expensive (soon to be obsolete) digital cam, that they should ask for a big film stock budget and shoot their project on real film.
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