[Frameworks] Call for Entries : Deep Leap Microcinema / Kill Your Idols / "New Landscapes" / The Way People Talk

Jesse Malmed jesse.malmed at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 18:00:22 CST 2012


Announcing, formally, the return (and relocation) of the DEEP LEAP
MICROCINEMA <http://deepleap.net/>.

Hello, Chicago, Hello, World:

*KILL YOUR IDOLS* - a program of works that take as their source
(conceptually or materially) the history of avant-garde moving images. How
does the use of one's favorite Brakhage film as "found" footage change and
charge the politics and poetics of appropriation? What are the limits of
re-enaction? How does the acknowledgement of a canon within an avant-garde
practice impact new makers?
*DUE 02-02-12*

*"NEW" "LANDSCAPES"* - a program of contemporary looks at landscape. What's
"new" about new landscapes? What constitutes a new landscape? How do
artists apply new ways of thinking and creating to old landscapes? Old ways
of thinking and creating to new landscapes? A long, steady 16 mm single
take of Second Life? A gif of a Peter Hutton film? Contemporary ghost
towns? Malls that are made to look like towns?
*DUE 03-03-12*

*THE WAY PEOPLE TALK* - a program of works that respond (consciously or
not) to the phrase "the way people talk." So: accents, ways/means, talking,
chatting, dialogue, why you said what you said, a memory of a conversation,
labored speech giving, why you say what you say, people, language, how I
heard you what you said, &c.
*DUE 04-04-12*


deepleapmicrocinema at gmail.com (vimeo, youtube, etc. links encouraged)
Jesse Malmed / 806 N. Bishop Ave. / Apt. 2A / Chicago, IL 60642

Works will be shown in Chicago and on subsequent tours.

Looking forward!


Please forward to your media-making circles.

// // // J E S S E  M A L M E D
505.690.7899 // jesse.malmed at gmail.com
www.jessemalmed.net // www.deepleap.net
www.cinemaproject.org // creativemusicguild.org
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