[Frameworks] Kodak finally files for bankruptcy protection

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First as a general note, don't have time to write much, but note that Kodak is not bankrupt but in Chapter 11.

Also to you specifically Tim, your comment that "we may lose a few stocks along the way" is not based on any facts beyond your feeling depressed about the situation. It's not impossible that stocks could be discontinued but that could happen at any time. Kodak have in fact just released a new stock even as they were preparing for Chapter 11.

Don't think it's that healthy to invent bad stuff to be sad about, that hasn't happened yet.
Even worse tho you shouldn't pass such memes onto other people.
I know it's the nature of people to do this but I'm just trying to help you out by pointing this out. See "the matrix" etc. 

Unfortunately the rest of what you said is very true no doubt ;)

Lastly theres lots of nice film still out there so if you have the cash, get out there and have fun!

Make hay while the sun shines.

It's all good. :)



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Good points. It is truly tragic what is likely to happen to the pensions of hard-working folks while those incompetents at the top will certainly make out like bandits. But I really do hope, as you said, that the film side of the business emerges as a new leaner, meaner self-contained, and profitable, entity. Unfortunately, we might lose a few stocks on the way though.



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Kodak restructuring is a good thing, as the current model is clearly not feasible.  

Bankruptcy court protection will allow Kodak to carve up the company and sell intellectual property, but also get out from 
under their debt obligation to employee pensions. Meanwhile, Perez and the executive team is stuffing money in their pockets. 

The motion picture division will likely continue in some shape or form, and would probably benefit from Eastman Chemical or 
a similar company coming in to manufacture and sell the product. MP product would be better off if separated from Perez's


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