[Frameworks] yellow 16mm cans

Stephen Broomer stephen_broomer at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 23 14:01:37 CST 2012

Dear Frameworkers,

I'm colour-coding my negs and exhibition prints, and am looking for yellow 16mm plastic cans, preferably vented. Urbanski Film Supplies only carries grey, and companies like Tuscan and STIL Casing only make colour cans by custom order (STIL's sales reps have kindly put me on a waiting list for smaller run cartons of yellow cases). For the time being, where would I find such things? I'm looking in a range of sizes, but for the time being, am specifically looking for 20 400' cans.

I asked this question on the AMIA list, and the response was to use tape or choose another system. I'm hoping that either someone here knows of an archive that uses yellow cans, has an overstock of them and might be willing to resell, or someone might be able to point me toward a supplier who carries such things.

Stephen Broomer
Toronto, Canada

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