[Frameworks] seeking double perf film

Carlileb at aol.com Carlileb at aol.com
Mon Jan 23 23:26:51 CST 2012

Maybe Spectra can order some up, and then ship it to you?
It would actually be rather easy for them to do this-- they can just run  
down to the Hollywood distribution center and pick anything up for you, and 
then  send it on its way to Ireland. Or even have it delivered to them.
Hollywood has everything in stock-- but remember, there are some minimum  
quantities on most double-perf.
I think your best bet would be the acetate b/w print film. It's cheaper  
too, and I don't think there's a minimum. That and some of the other b/w lab  
stocks will soon be history, I fear, so stock up. B/w print film can also be 
 reversed to produce a projectable image, just like Tri-X. It has a low ASA 
Kodak used to supply an acetate sound film but I believe it was recently  
discontinued, with Estar the only alternative. Their high-contrast titling 
film  is good also, and useful for many purposes.
BTW, do you know the pitch of your high-speed camera? You might be in  
luck-- many of them are .3000. 
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zeno at sonic.net writes:

Hi Nikolas,

That's  amazingly comprehensive. Thanks!

I'm looking for double perf 16mm to  use as is with a high speed 16mm 
camera - nothing to do with 8mm, I should  have specified that.

For anyone else who's interested, it looks like  Spectra in the US have 
some, though only rolls of 100ft, colour and b/w. As  you said. Kodak in the UK 
seem to have nothing to do with the US distributors,  and Fuji was the same 
- nothing to be had and neither were very  helpful.


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