[Frameworks] New experimental Super 8 film shot w/ Leicina Special

Nicholas Kovats nkovats at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 12:44:28 CST 2012

This is my latest film shot back in late 2010 regarding my ideas
involving bicycle based cinematography.

I utilized my robust Leitz Leicina Special camera which has an
electromagnetic shutter and this in turn was connected to a ST1
controller. I configured a combination of time exposure (3s per
frame)and time lapse (1 frame every 1.5s).

The camera was attached forward facing to my handle bars via an over
engineered ballhead and Super clamp. It's rigidity partially absorbed
but mostly transmitted the shockwaves from the cold ride. I used out
of date Kodachrome 40 film circa 1981. The exposed film was sent to
the last remaining Kodachrome lab just 2 weeks prior to being
permanently shuttered. Kodachrome film is no more and was officially
discontinued production by Kodak in 2009.

I suspect the film's age (29 years!) resulted in the silver metallic
dyes not coupling correctly to the multiple emulsion layers.

I have decided to upload the full overscanned and edited image
sequence, i.e. edge to edge. That is the Super 8 perforation to the
left of the image.

A big thank you to Martin Reiss as the "ghost rider" who can be
occasionally glimpsed in front my rig!


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