[Frameworks] JK optical printer for Sale (K-105)

Marcelle Pecot marcellepecot at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 30 11:39:23 CST 2012

For Sale JK Optical Printer K-105; Excellent condition; $3,500 B/O
- --
Bolex Rex-5 w/magazine capacity; 75mm 1:4 Nikon lens,  bellows mount, close-up attachment, -
Projector:16 mm gate,;
360 degree rotational mount (adaptable for rotoscoping, aerial image projection;
light house with fan cooled 300 watt quartz-halogen 0-150 volts with condenser lens.-
- --
Sequencer: Interval-Timer Stop-motion camera motor controller- Capable to execute virtually any stop-motion operation
- --
Filters, many different kinds, 90 degree prism-
Heat resistant lens;
adjustable table.-

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