[Frameworks] update: For Sale: JK Optical Printer K-10

ccrane at ithaca.edu ccrane at ithaca.edu
Mon Jan 30 14:00:41 CST 2012

hello marcel,
please provide off-list email for correspondence
on your printer!

cathy lee crane
associate professor
dept. of cinema, photography & media arts
park school of communications
ithaca college
953 danby road
ithaca, ny 14850
(607) 274-1035

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>Subject: [Frameworks] update: For Sale: JK Optical Printer K-10  
>To: frameworks at jonasmekasfilms.com
>   I am located outside of Ithaca, NY ( Fingerlakes
>   region of New York state) so shipping and insurance
>   would need to be added to the costs.
>   The control box for the printer is being worked on
>   right now in San Francisco so the complete JK
>   printer won't be ready for shipping or pick-up for
>   maybe a month.
>   Thank you!
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