[Frameworks] Whose Land? Feb. 7th at Balagan Films (Boston)

Mariya Nikiforova mariya at radonlake.com
Tue Jan 31 16:57:36 CST 2012

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        * Whose Land?*          Kudzu Vine (2011) by Josh Gibson    This
American Land. Bound by arbitrary lines whose authority is daily reinforced
by violence and bureaucracy. Sectioned into states, counties, and
municipalities, based on voting patterns and property lines. Continually
expanding its scope through bloody conquest, financial persuasion and
cultural influence.

What lies in the middle? Empty space, crumbling centenarian constructions
and a mysterious, crawling vine that swallows up several feet a day…

Inspired by the Occupy movement, which questioned the "publicness" of
spaces we take for granted, Balagan presents five films:


Triumph of the Wild (2008, 10 mins, 35mm) by Martha Colburn
"Triumph of the Wild spans decades of battles in American history and
places a man in a landscape infested with indigenous predatory animals." -

Future So Bright (2010, 23 mins, HDCam) by Matt McCormick
"[T]he film explores ghost towns, abandoned military bases, and boarded up
tourist traps to present a meditative time capsule of the false starts and
failed attempts of the past 200 years of American Western Expansion." - MM

Kudzu Vine (2011, 20 mins, 35mm CinemaScope) by Josh Gibson
Beautiful, eerie portrait of an invasive species from Korea that is taking
over the Southern landscape several feet a day.

Crossings (2005, 5 mins, 16mm) by Robert Fenz (appearing in person!)
"By visually simulating what the [United States-Mexico border] wall
symbolizes, Fenz depicts terror and awe as impossibly intertwined." -
Trinie Dalton (2008 Whitney Biennial)

You Are on Indian Land (1969, 34 mins, 16mm) by Mort Ransen and Mike
Legendary vérité document of a 1969 protest by members of the Mohawk tribe
against a levy imposed on them by the U.S.-Canada border authority.


DJ Angela Sawyer of Weirdo Records opens the night at 7pm with vinyl gems
from her collection! Films start at 8pm. Tickets are $10 regular / $8
student and senior. Location: Brattle Theatre in Harvard Square.
Facebook RSVP<http://visitor.benchmarkemail.com/c/l?u=7BFF99&e=133CDB&c=13447&t=0&l=23AF170&email=qFcGIdtm586N%2BEomvEToTnzBjzlZ2TJR>
the wonderful world of Weirdo
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