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The entire oeuvre of Pat O┬╣Neill is essential, and very influential.

We did a screening with a various of interesting optically printed films as
part of Alternative Projections.

On 8/6/14 9:22 AM, "Gawthrop, Rob" <Rob.Gawthrop at falmouth.ac.uk> wrote:

> Monkey's Birthday, David Larcher; - colour separation, superimposition,
> bi-packing etc.
> Slides, Annabel Nicholson; pulling film through the gate etc
> Film Sound, Andy Moss; short edits/loops (sound and picture), superimpositions
> (all at LUX, London.)
> Rob
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> Subject: [Frameworks] films using the optical printer
> Dear Frameworkers,
> If I were going to undertake a series of screenings showcasing optical printer
> techniques, what work would you recommend?  What is the best work for
> understanding the cinematic potential in optical printing?  Are there any
> texts that could be included?  I'm asking for my own enlightenment and to take
> my own OP work to another level, but I might also try to put together a public
> screening at some point.
> Many thanks, as always, for your thoughts and advice.
> CC   

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