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Aaron F. Ross aaron at digitalartsguild.com
Wed Aug 6 17:08:54 UTC 2014

In my humble opinion, Pat O'Neill is the master 
of optical printing. "Water and Power" is a great 
film, as are all of his. My personal favorites 
are "Trouble in the Image" and "The Decay of 
Fiction." The latter is perhaps the greatest 
single example of optical printer work ever 
produced, but as far as I know it's not available.


Other optical printing wizards are Adam Beckett, Paul Sharits, François Miron.


At 8/6/2014, you wrote:
>Dear Frameworkers,
>If I were going to undertake a series of 
>screenings showcasing optical printer 
>techniques, what work would you recommend? Â 
>What is the best work for understanding the 
>cinematic potential in optical printing? Â Are 
>there any texts that could be included? Â I'm 
>asking for my own enlightenment and to take my 
>own OP work to another level, but I might also 
>try to put together a public screening at some point.
>Many thanks, as always, for your thoughts and advice.
>Caryn Cline
>Experimental Filmmaker & Teacher
>Co-producer & cinematographer, Acts of Witness
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