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LUX and the BFI shop are good retailers to place your work with,





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Hi all,I thought that i'd let the framework community know that my film performance work 'oxide ii +iii' has been released as new work 'oxide' on DVD through editions entr'acte Belgium.Oxide was the resultant work developed from my 6 month residency at no.w.here labs London (2011).  The piece is a process lead work of growing rust on outdated & unexposed camera/print stock, growing a sound base on the image track that is recorded and manilpulated as a live sound to the film. This DVD the  single screen version of its original dual screen 6 projector work with live sound, here re-edited & mastered as a new piece. In the meantime, the original film stock is continuing to rust up.You can read more about it on the entracte website here:http://entracte.co.uk/projects/ben-gwilliam-e165/With this being my first Image-based  release (since everything else previous has been audio only), I am trying to gather suggestions of outlets that specialise more in film & video that may distribute it, as entracte  mainly works with european/asian music distributors.Thanks muchoBen Gwilliam-- http://thosesoundsbetween.co.ukhttp://timeinbetweenspace.tumblr.comIt takes along as it takes_______________________________________________FrameWorks mailing listFrameWorks at jonasmekasfilms.comhttps://mailman-mail5.webfaction.com/listinfo/frameworks
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