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Hi Nicky,

That's not how I receive it.
It's quite readable in Eudora. (sample below)
What e-mail software are you using?


Events are sorted by CITY within each DATE.


Los Angeles, California: Echo Park Film Center
8 pm, 1200 N. Alvarado St.

  The New Works Salons series is a casual forum for thepresentation and
  discussion of new works in film and video, with local andvisiting
  artists in-person to introduce their work. Nora Sweeney willshow her
  new film Sweet Oranges (2014, 16mm, 18.5 minutes):ï¿1Ž2Heading west from
  my house, I explore the back roads off of California StateRoute 126,
  finding small, historic towns, farms, and railway tracksnestled between
  mountains and orchards - a landscape that evokes a dream of
  Californiaï¿1Ž2s past. Along the way, I meet Jaime,Blanca, and Hugo, a
  group of orange pickers from Michoacan, Mexico, who share withme their
  songs, dreams, aspirations, and thoughts about work.ï¿1Ž2Ursula Brookbank
  will show Crystallography and the She World Archive: Theprincipals of
  X-ray Crystallography used by biochemist Dorothy Hodgkin tostudy
  molecular structures applied to film projection. Ms. Hodgkinwas awarded
  the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1964 for confirming themolecular
  structure of insulin using X-ray Crystallography where acrystal is
  gradually rotated while being bombarded with X-rays producingrefraction
  patterns and molecular data for study. For this salon, recentlyacquired
  16mm film from the SHE WORLD ARCHIVE similarly becomes a lightbeam
  projected through gradually rotating crystals. PabloMarï¿1Ž2n, in town
  from Buenos Aires, will show his brand new Angelus novus, andwe'll have
  a selection of new items by Mark Toscano.

At 8:00 -0400 18/08/14, nicky.hamlyn at talktalk.net wrote:
This listing arrives as a massive block of text:single spaced lines with around thirty words per line, rendering it sodifficult to read that I sometimes can't be bothered. Any chance ofreturning to something like the previous format?
BLONDE COBRA 1959-63, 35 min, 16-to-35mm blow-up,b&w/color. With Jack Smith. Preserved by Anthology, with thegenerous support of The Film Foundation. "BLONDE COBRA is anerratic narrative no, not really a narrative, it's only stretched outin time for convenience of delivery. It's a look in on an explodinglife, on a man of imagination suffering pre-fashionable Lower EastSide deprivation and consumed with American 1950s, 40s, 30s disgust.Silly, self-pitying, guilt-strictured and yet triumphing on one levelover the situation with style - enticing us into an absurd moralposture the better to dismiss us with a regal 'screw off.'" K.J.Total running time: ca. 85 min. 8/24 New York, New York: AnthologyFilm Archives http://www.anthologyfilmarchives.org/ 8:00 pm, 32 2nd AvenueESSENTIAL CINEMA: JEROME HILL PROGRAM These 35mm prints are the resultof a recent preservation project undertaken by the Museum of ModernArt. DEATH IN THE FORENOON (1934/66, 2 minutes, 35mm, color) CANARIES(1969, 4 minutes, 35mm, color) & FILM PORTRAIT 1971, 81 minutes,35mm, color. A pioneering work in autobiographical cinema; masterfullycombines actual and staged footage and painting over images.Filmmaker, painter, and composer Jerome Hill was descended from thefamous railroad-building family and lived on the same street with F.Scott Fitzgerald. Here he re-creates wonderfully with old familyfootage the period and milieu of the American upper class at thebeginning of this century. Total running time: ca. 90 minutes. Enteryour event announcements by going to the Flicker Weekly Listing Format http://www.hi-beam.net/cgi-bin/thisweek.pl The weekly listing is alsoavailable online at Flicker: http://www.hi-beam.net_______________________________________________ FrameWorks mailinglist FrameWorks at jonasmekasfilms.com https://mailman-mail5.webfaction.com/listinfo/frameworks

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