[Frameworks] Kodak Film Stocks to be Discontinued, Announced in December

Jean-Louis Seguin bolextech at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 15:52:24 UTC 2014

I wouldn't be too dismayed at the disappearance of Tri-X.
Both ADOX and ORWO produce black and white reversal that is at least equal in quality to Tri-X. The new ADOX CHS-II in Super8 has received rave reviews since it's introduction and most users seem to find it superior to Tri-X.

I would prefer to support companies that have a firm commitment to analog filmmaking rather then those that can't wait to pull the plug on everything.


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> On Aug 30, 2014, at 8:53 AM, Alex Balkam <blueswingingdoor at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey team Frameworks, 
>  I just thought I would share news that I received from Kodak... not sure if the list already knew about this and it is repetition but I felt it warranted sharing. 
>  Probably in December Kodak will be announcing the discontinuation of a number of motion picture film products. The products I know about are: 
> 7207 & 7203 100’ 
> Tri-X 400’ 
> 5222 1000’ 
> 7222 100’ 400’
>  There may be more than I am aware of. This is in addition to the sad news about Ektachrome and Hi Con. 
>  It may be time for Frameworks to consider contacting (or choosing a Frameworks representative to contact) the higher ups at Kodak to express the importance that the less industrial, less Hollywood products really need to be maintained during this challenging time in order that we can continue to expose young filmmakers and the public to the merits and beauty of film. All of us on this list help Kodak in various ways by creating our works on their film stock, and this in turn helps to ensure films presence moving forward in the motion picture world - whether it be workshops with kids who will become the filmmakers of the future, experimental cinema or the fine arts/gallery settings, our efforts help Kodak and we need to make sure we are pleading our case that they maintain the products we use. Mainly, I am speaking about Tri-X in 100' 16mm and S8... I was told they originally were going to discontinue the 100' loads of Tri-X 16mm. Thankfully, enough people (perhaps film schools and educators) sent letters to Kodak complaining that this would essentially hinder there ability to promote film and inspire new generations to appreciate it, so Kodak is continuing its sale for now. 
>  Perhaps we need a concerted effort from Frameworks to speak to Kodak about the merits of maintaining introductory, educational and smaller gauge film products during this time. I am thinking there must be some way to make them realize that the only way we will have Tarantinos lobbying major production companies to guarantee Kodak contracts in the future is to be able to show the next generation what it means to work on film.
>  Thanks!
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