[Frameworks] Deleting Frameworks Account

Pip Chodorov frameworks at re-voir.com
Sun Aug 31 00:02:01 UTC 2014

Hi Jessica,
I just checked, and the footers don't show up in iOS either.
The Mail App on iPhone and iPad is not a full computer program so 
there is no way to see mail headers.
I suggest FrameWorkers to use a computer e-mail client that can 
display full headers if they want to access their subscription 

At 18:53 -0500 28/08/14, J. Fenlon wrote:
>Those multiple options don't show for those reading email in 3d 
>party clients, like on iOS devices (iPhone etc). You may want to 
>throw an unsubscribe link into the message footer to get around that 
>'unsubscription block'.

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