[Frameworks] Kodak Film Stocks to be Discontinued, Announced in December

Beebe, Roger W. beebe.77 at osu.edu
Sun Aug 31 20:17:13 UTC 2014

I’ve been lamenting the loss of these stocks along with the rest of you.  But I also was thinking of the bigger historical context of this current crisis, and that gave me some peace of mind.  I know that when I arrived at the University of Florida in 2000, a colleague explained that the reason they’d stopped shooting film was that “it’s so hard to get film stock now.”  My response:  800.621.3456.  Seemed easy to me.  But he showed me an info sheet from Buffalo in the 1970s, which listed the 7 or 8 places in town you could go to pick up a roll of motion picture film.  For him (and his generation), the loss of local vendors was a giant crisis, one big enough to drive some to abandon film altogether.  It seems to me we’re in a similar moment, where those of us who’ve relied on Kodak as our one-stop shop feel like we’re at a critical juncture, but maybe it’s really not that bad after all.

This thread has been reassuring in pointing to all the ways that we’ll still be able to keep going after the inevitable decline of Kodak.  Maybe it won’t be quite as convenient, maybe we’ll pay a few bucks more, but it sounds like we’ll continue to have plenty of tools at our disposal, including maybe some new ones that will be wonderful in ways we haven’t yet discovered.

In solidarity,

p.s.  Remember how cheap film used to be before the Hunt Brothers tried to corner the silver market?  I don’t either.  THE GOOD OL’ DAYS ARE RIGHT NOW.

On Aug 31, 2014, at 11:24 AM, Mike Morris <m_alex_morris at yahoo.com<mailto:m_alex_morris at yahoo.com>> wrote:

When talking to kodaks representative I asked about ordering some 7302 for a class, since we won't be able to know when the back order of 7363 will come in. Evidently it has been a stock that was kept on hand and ordered in 4000 ft cans, but will now be made to order, same as 3378, which means 6x4000, or 24000 ft minimum purchase.

I don't know if anyone else is already doing so, but I'm tempted to try to put some money down, spool those stocks down, then sell them off for what 400' or 100' might have cost. Would people be interested in this, and does this seem like a viable plan? I feel like there are some labs that might do this already, but maybe what kodak needs is a middle man?

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On Sat, Aug 30, 2014 at 9:53 AM, Jean-Louis Seguin <bolextech at gmail.com<mailto:bolextech at gmail.com>>

Cheap shot? Maybe. I'm just so disappointed in Kodak, personally.

I meet filmmakers all the time and it's surprising how many completely
ignore the fact that there are other manufacturers in the world apart from
Kodak that produce motion picture film stock. Some are truly amazed when I
mention this to them.
True, when it comes to color negative stocks, Kodak are the only source at
the moment. For everything else, there are options out there, luckily.

It is a little complicated with Kodak's recent discontinuation of stocks.

I like ORWO, however ORWO stocks -- both UN54 and N74 -- do not run through
one of my cameras without needing
to make adjustments for running color vs. BW. I've had issues with ORWO in
another camera as well. I've had few issues
like this with Kodak BW stocks.

Also, with Kodak, being in education, I get a discount which makes it lower
in cost than ORWO.

I've been shooting a project that uses Double-X (7222), Tri-X (7266)
processed as negative and ORWO's UN54 and N74. When all of these stocks are
printed to 7203 the differences are pretty slight. I don't know what labs
are printing to ORWO's
BW print stocks... though I would be curious to know, since 7203 and 3302
may be put on the chopping block soon.

Ferrania (http://www.filmferrania.it/) might be starting production of
color film stocks, but I have yet to see anything...and
who knows when such a stock will become available in North America.

I'm not disagreeing with you necessarily, I just think that ORWO and
Ferrania will have to prove they have the same level
of QC as Kodak does (and Fuji did). Not that Kodak is/was flawless, but
it's amazing how close to perfect they can get in
manufacturing their stocks.


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