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Mon Nov 14 20:37:45 UTC 2016

Hello Frameworkers,

Some of you may have already received this email through other social
means, my apologies if you are receiving this twice, I'm excited to share a
bit of positive news : )

Last year MONO NO AWARE, <http://mononoawarefilm.com/> the cinema-arts
non-profit in Brooklyn New York, received a donation-in-kind of an *entire
motion picture laboratory from Filmworkers Lab in Dallas, Texas. * There
are less than half a dozen motion picture laboratories functioning in the
US today, so with our 501c3 status, this allows us the unique opportunity
to open the first ever full service non-profit motion picture lab in the
United State
completely dedicated filmmakers and artists of the moving image.  We also
received *the remaining parts library from Oxberry in South Orange NJ *and
are happy to help any artist-run lab space, independent filmmaker or
University replace needed components to keep their machines up and running.

This forum has been an essential resource for me and the organization MONO
NO AWARE for the last ten years.  My hope is that the facility we are
building will continue to support first-time filmmakers, practicing
filmmakers, preservationists and exhibiting artists allowing MONO to play a
larger role in the greater landscape of moving image production.  To add
the services of linear processing, film cleaning, and scanning to our
current facilities, atop education and exhibition initiatives is a great
undertaking, so I'm asking that members of Frameworkers please share this
news with friends, family, students, colleagues and those who have a deep
seeded interest in film.  If there are any questions about the specific
equipment or services, please direct them to this email :
mononoawarefilm at gmail.com

This project and the wonderful community that has grown around it have been
the greater part of my life for the last decade. Sharing this news helps to
support not only the efforts of MONO but the education / production /
preservation of our moving image culture.

As part of our tenth anniversary for MONO NO AWARE, we have organized a massive
cinema-arts festiva
with 21 events throughout 3 boroughs of New York City presenting the work
of 150 artists, musicians, dancers, and filmmakers now through December
3rd.  Please check out the calendar for more info about the full program
and I hope that you can attend if you are in the greater NYC area.  The
first weeks have been incredible with sold out shows presenting; A rare
16mm film dual projection by Carolee Schneemann in conversation with
Anthology Film Archives' Ava Tews.
+ A program of films by Gordon Matta-Clark in conversation led by Jessamyn
Fiore at ZeiherSMith Gallery.
+ A premiere of a dance/film-performance by Lucy Kerr and Q&A led by Dance
Films Association's Brighid Greene
Taiwanese Films, Nicky Hamlyn projector performance, A Bolex workshop at
Alice Austen House, and so many more.  There are 10 events left in the
festival leading up to our annual exhibition of expanded cinema December
2nd and 3rd.

I do hope to see you at one of the events and that in the near future MONO
can host, support, and exhibit you/r work here in Brooklyn, New York.

Thank you all again for your support and positive encouragement,


Steve Cossman
501c3 Cinema Arts Non-Profit Organization
e: mononoawarefilm.com c: +1 267 456-1143
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