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Hi Esperanza,

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> I wonder, what was the audience reaction to "A Roll For Peter". Is this
> film the result of a selection or anyone who shot a roll got in?

I'll start with a disclaimer. Not only have I not seen the completed
project, I have not even seen my contribution. Between work commitments and
landscape being uncooperative, my shooting was delayed for many days. I
shot negative, had to send the footage to Los Angeles for processing, and
the workprint ended up going straight from LA to NYC.

Mark (Street) initially asked me to hold off on arranging a San Francisco
screening but after the two New York screenings he and Jennifer (Reeves)
felt that the project was worth sending out into the world. The most direct
feedback I've seen came from contributor George Griffin, who I quote here
with permission:

    "The whole program was a beautiful exchange, like a dream, peripheral
glimpses without a storyline."

I believe that anyone who submitted a roll was included; nearly 40 makers
were involved. Jenn and Mark put a lot of energy into sequencing the rolls
and arriving at the part single-screen, part double-screen solution. The
idea that the project would be short-lived, ephemeral, was baked into the
initial call.

That's pretty much what I know.

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