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Hi Everyone

About applying for a Visa to come to Brazil, I believe that EU citizens do
not need a visa to come to Brazil. On the other hand, Americans, Canadians,
Australians, New Zelanders, Russians, etc, will have to apply for a Visa.

The application is probably not straight forward and should require an
appointment/interview. Depending on where you are, the procedure could take
a month or so.

Therefore, you should go ahead and try to set this up asap.


Alex Bastos, PhD
Professor Associado Geologia e Geofísica Marinha
Laboratório de Oceanografia Geológica - LaboGeo
Departamento de Oceanografia e Ecologia - DOC
Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo
Av. Fernando Ferrari, 514 Goiabeiras
Vitória - ES - CEP 29060-900
55 27 3335-2878
skype: alexcardosobastos
email: alex.bastos at ufes.br
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