[Hitchin Hackspace - members] Lovely Racks (and other less amusingly named storage solutions)

Richard Cowley rdcowley at gmail.com
Thu Oct 9 14:53:03 UTC 2014


We're having a bit of a clear-out at work and there's some storage
solutions going 'free' (charity donations welcome/mandatory) to a good home.

There are a few old/knackered filing cabinets, which probably aren't of
much interest; some lab benches which are welded together and will need a
van to transport (again, probably not much interest, although they are rock
solid and have overhanging fluorescent tubes, be a shame to scrap them...
Something like this:
and a load of warehouse/garage racking.

The racking is in good condition, unfortunately I'm not sure what size it
is as it's wrapped up on a pallet at the minute. I think it's similar to
this type, or possibly larger: http://www.rapidracking

They're potentially useful for our mythical space, but would have to be
mothballed until required.

If anyone is interested let me know. Also, if anyone thinks it would be an
excellent idea to grab a load and store it somewhere, let me know and I'll
see what I can do.


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