[Hitchin Hackspace - members] bighak build day

David Booth david at boothing.com
Fri Oct 10 15:13:43 UTC 2014

Hi all,

There be another bighak build day this weekend.

Saturday has been suggested due to it being an F1 weekend, but if that 
needs to change, let me know. Currently weather look a bit hit and miss. 
Probably going to be raining, but we can work in the playroom without 
much issue.

Can you please let me know if/when you are likely to attend.
Currently its me and Mark.

Rob, if you would like to enter round 3 of python "adjustments", you are 
more than welcome.

Arvy, if Mark brings a power supply, you could verify the LEDs operation 
(and kit out my house with ultra bright addressable LEDs, you know, just 
for fun!).

Mark, if Arvy is attending, could you please bring a power supply so we 
don't need to rely on the batteries?

If anyone else is interested in helping/taking a look, get in touch!


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