[Hitchin Hackspace - members] Brighton Mini-Makerfaire

Richard Cowley rdcowley at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 10:16:36 UTC 2015

Dear all,

As some of you already know we have been accepted to exhibit at Brighton
mini-makerfaire on Saturday September 5th. Details of the event can be
found here: http://makerfairebrighton.com/

Several of you have expressed an interest in going, but so far nobody has
actually confirmed. There will need to be at least two of us to wrangle
bighak, but more people would make life easier.

Could you let me know asap whether you would like to attend and represent
Hitchin Hackspace. If it is only me then we will have to pull out which
would be a shame, but if we have to then it would be polite to do so sooner
rather than later.

At the minute I'm assuming it will be a day trip rather than a stop-over,
but we can work out the details once people have responded.


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