[Hitchin Hackspace - members] Introducing myself

Paul Dixon paul at elphin.com
Fri Jan 15 07:41:35 UTC 2016

Another attendee (Steve Clark) at the Stevenage SyncHerts tech meetup last
night told me about the Hitchin Hackspace, it sounds right up my street.
After looking at your website, I realized I'd seen your BigHak before as it
was pictured in the latest MagPi magazine - shame they didn't namecheck you!

Is there room for more members? Do I just turn up? Should I bring anything?
Do you collect subscriptions? So many questions... :)

I'm an experienced software developer with 20+ yrs experience, but in my
spare time I've been (very slowly) learning more about electronics and
tinkering with hardware. I have a pile of Raspberry Pis, Arduinos,
breadboards etc. I'm hopeful a regular meetup would get me more focussed on
doing something more interesting with it all!

Many thanks,

Paul Dixon
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