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Phil Thane phil at pthane.co.uk
Fri Jun 3 13:53:21 UTC 2016

Hello everyone

We currently live in Llangollen, North Wales but once the solicitors etc get sorted 
we'll be moving somewhere in the Cambs/Beds/Herts area, probably around 
Potton. Yours seems to be the nearest hackspace to where we're likely to be so I 
thought I'd join the mailing list now and see what you're up to.

Long ago I used to teach Design & Tech in Huntingdon, but gave that up to work as 
support manager at Techsoft, purveyors of CAD/CAM software and machines. Left 
there in 2005 to go freelance. I specialise in writing technical articles for various 
trade and retail mags and websites. Mostly on IT (generally Linux and FOSS) or 
Biofuels/Alt. Energy. These days though I'm about ⅞ retired. More here: 

I tried to set up a hackspace here in Llangollen a few years ago, got some startup 
help from Bangor Uni but only 4 people showed up, me and a mate who were trying 
to set it up and 2 guys from the uni who brought the coffee and biscuits and hired 
the hall for our fist (and last) meeting. It'll be good to join a group that's already 

See you in September or thereabouts...

Phil Thane

phil at pthane.co.uk
Tweet @pthane
Tel:    (+44) 01978 861677
Mob: (+44) 07582 750607

[1] http://www.pthane.co.uk
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