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Refer to "2015 Style Schedule
<http://beeralchemists.org/2015-style-schedule/> " and "BJCP 2015 Guidelines
> " for further clarification.

November Gathering
Where: Fermentation Station
When: November 8th 2-5 PM
What: (11) English Bitters & (30 B) Autumn Seasonal Ale

Now onto the details:
When: Sunday November 8th 2015 from 2pm to 5pm
Where: Fermentation Station, 216 Henderson Drive, Jacksonville, NC

Here are the events planned:
1) Sample, Discuss, and Educate
2) Mention Upcoming Competitions, & Events, and January Event which we have
been in the past few years.
Notes: We strongly encourage you to bring homebrew, even if you don't think
it's the best beer ever. If you are going to sample, bring a designated
driver. If you don't have any homebrew, try to bring some commercial beers
or food.
Look forward to seeing you all at the station!

Look forward to seeing you all there!


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