[Homebrew-list] Barrel Brew due date Info

Paul F. Boniface pboniface1 at ec.rr.com
Mon Mar 14 03:32:06 UTC 2016

Alchemist, The recipe we are going to brew is the one Jack Keeler Found, it
has extract or all grain. I will have a google form out for you all that
want to participate need to fill out. Jack will post it again and send it
out on email so all can use the same recipe. We can get the ingredients from
the station to make the beer. We will want them ready for the May 1st
meeting. We will taste each other's and see any difference. The only way
your beer won't go in if it is funky! Form will be up tomorrow for all to
roger up! Jack Keeler please re post the recipe on here and Homebrew email




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