[Kwant-devel] Low-level System format

Joseph Weston joseph.weston08 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 15:49:11 UTC 2015

Hi guys,

Just an update so you don't think we've forgotten about this.
I've updated the wiki page on the low-level format following
discussions with Anton, Michael and Christoph at EuroSciPy
in Cambridge. I've also added a page on "composite systems",
which are a generalization of the current Kwant 1.x concept
of attaching leads to finite systems. That page is not
currently complete; I've not been very explicit about several
key points.

I'm currently working on a paper (unrelated to Kwant 2.0
work) and so may not be able to work much on the spec in
the coming week(s).

If anyone wants to contribute, feel free! If you need to
ask some questions about the (incomplete) stuff that's
already there, either reply to this thread or we can
chat off the mailing list on this gitter:


It might be worth chatting on gitter first to avoid
spamming the mailing list and if anything fruitful
comes from the discussion then we can write a coherent
post to this thread.

Happy kwanting,

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