[Kwant-devel] new website

Michael Wimmer m.t.wimmer at tudelft.nl
Thu Sep 10 14:49:18 UTC 2015

Hi all,

On 10-09-15 14:37, Joseph Weston wrote:
> Dedicated Gitlab hosting. Unfortunately this would mean having the 
> Gitlab infrastructure hosted separately from the website and wiki.

Is there a principle problem with the fact that website and gitlab
would be on different servers? It costs probably more, but are there
any technical disadvantages?

> In addition the whole thing is a complete black box.

On the website it seemed you could also do your own gitlab CE install,
so there seems to be some control over what is done? Of course, doing
the install yourself one could as well use any other service ...

Just my thoughts: a dedicated hosting would have advantages - at least
you don't have to keep track of whether you have to do sudo apt-get



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