[Kwant-devel] new website

Christoph Groth christoph.groth at cea.fr
Thu Sep 10 16:06:30 UTC 2015

Michael Wimmer wrote:

> On 10-09-15 14:37, Joseph Weston wrote:
>> Dedicated Gitlab hosting. Unfortunately this would mean having 
>> the Gitlab infrastructure hosted separately from the website 
>> and wiki.
> Is there a principle problem with the fact that website and 
> gitlab would be on different servers? It costs probably more, 
> but are there any technical disadvantages?

I don’t see any disadvantages in keeping as much on webfaction as 
possible.  It works well, requires minimal maintenance, and we 
have experience with it.  It’s also paid for the next 3 years or 

There’s no problem in pointing a specific subdomain of 
kwant-project.org to some other IP address.

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