[Kwant-devel] Installation instructions for Windows 10

Michael Wimmer m.t.wimmer at tudelft.nl
Mon Sep 14 08:51:04 UTC 2015

Hi guys,

there are a few issues when following the installation instructions on
Windows 10:

1. The link for instructions on finding out whether Windows is 32 or
64bit leads me to a page saying "Support for Windows XP has ended". I
could not find a universal link on the Microsoft webpage for that.
(There are separate ones for Windows 7 and Vista, for example)

2. The link to the download website of python gives you even on my 64bit
Windows a big button that downloads the 32bit version (it would work I
guess, but that'll confuse people). To get to the 64 bit version, one
has to click a few times.

3. The link on starting the command line leads to a page saying "We
moved stuff for Windows 10. Please check our trending topics." I think
it still works for all earlier versions.

7. Same issue with the link to the command prompt as in 3. Also,
non-expert users will have a problem: Files are most likely downloaded
onto the Download folder that sits in C:\Users\.... which is kind of
hard to find if you have no clue. So I think many people will be lost
completely here (and we know some of them from the mailing list). That
was the advantage with the previous install instructions with the
mirror, as you could just have copied and pasted the instructions ...

Anyways, the installation then works. I even saw that installing 64 bit
on 32 bit gives an error at installation (unsupported package).

To have the links working properly, I guess we should replace them with
detailed instructions of our own for Windows 10.

In the long run, I think it would properly be best to support something
like Anaconda to install kwant on Windows.



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