[Kwant-devel] Important missing information in the kwant doc

alexandre.bernard1 at u-psud.fr alexandre.bernard1 at u-psud.fr
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Then it is my mistake, I thought that 'kwant.builder' stand for 'building' a system and that 'kwant.system' stand for the actual finilized 'system' ! 
But yes, maybe adding some more link between informations in the doc is a good idea. 

Best regards, 

Alexandre BERNARD 

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Hi Alexandre, 

Thanks for pointing it out. Would you like to open an issue in the Kwant 
issue tracker ( https://gitlab.kwant-project.org/kwant/kwant/issues/new )? 

Also to answer your question partially: the reason why sites aren't 
mentioned is because they are an attribute of a finalized builder ( 
). This is however now an optimal way to organize Kwant documentation. 

On Sat, May 5, 2018 at 3:32 PM <alexandre.bernard1 at u-psud.fr> wrote: 

> Hello, 

> I am a new kwant user (by the way, thank you for this wonderful tool). 
> I noticed, if I am not mistaken, that the attribute 
"kwant.system.System.sites" is not present in the documentation, and this 
attribute is very usefull to get the correspondance index <---> position. 

> Best regards, 

> Alexandre BERNARD 

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