[Kwant-devel] Important missing information in the kwant doc

Christoph Groth christoph.groth at cea.fr
Fri May 18 10:50:07 UTC 2018

alexandre.bernard1 at u-psud.fr a écrit :

> I noticed, if I am not mistaken, that the attribute
> "kwant.system.System.sites" is not present in the documentation, and
> this attribute is very usefull to get the correspondance index <--->
> position.

A while ago, we added kwant.builder.FiniteSystem and
kwant.builder.InifiniteSystem to the documentation in order do document
this.  But I notice that kwant.builder.Builder.finalized [1] still
refers to kwant.system.FiniteSystem etc.

Perhaps we should also add a reference from kwant.system to the systems
in kwant.builder, because in practice it's them who are used most often.

What do you think, Alexandre?


[1] https://kwant-project.org/doc/1/reference/generated/kwant.builder.Builder#kwant.builder.Builder.finalized
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