[Libburn-hackers] Re: Test request to owners of recent Linux kernels

Thomas Schmitt scdbackup at gmx.net
Sat Oct 10 16:28:40 CDT 2009


> >   mount -t cd9660 -o noexec,nosuid \
> >         -o -s 813056 /dev/... /tmp/mnt
> It does not work. mount has no knowledge of the specific -s option.

I believed the man page promises to forward
unknown -o arguments to the mount_XYZ command.
(Maybe only the -s and not the 813056 came through ?)

> Nevertheless I am going to ask an expert about this. 

An exact and tested prescription would be very
welcome. I have a remote FreeBSD shell account
for build tests, but of course no superuser
powers and not even access to optical drives.

The mount command shall be performed by xorriso
via system call execv(). If the started program
does not reside in /sbin or /bin then i would
need the full program path.
xorriso will provide the number argument for -s,
the device path and the mount directory path.

A realistic test scenario would be three ISO
sessions with the goal to mount session number 2.
Number 3 should be mounted by default.
Number 1 is at -s 0 which might be too trivial.
Number 2 would be at some non-negative -s number.

I don't know whether xfburn shows a media
table-of-content with session start addresses.
If cdrskin has been installed together with
libburn, try:
  $ cdrskin dev=/dev/... -toc
  track:   1 lba:         0 (        0) 00:02:00 adr: 1 control: 4 mode: 1
  track:   2 lba:     75614 (   302456) 16:50:14 adr: 1 control: 4 mode: 1
This would mean -s 75614 for session 2.

Have a nice day :)


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